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  1. These forums are solely for the use of people that have left an NCMI relating church. The only exception to this is if a person has left a church that is similar to a church that relates to NCMI. This exception can only be granted by Administration
  2. Theological head-butting should be kept to a minimum. People that have left their church are bound to enter into any number of religious systems including athiesim, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness etc.....
    We are not here to discuss the tenants of these various groups but rather that of NCMI. Please keep all theological debate relevant with that of NCMI.
  3. With the previous in mind it should be noted that this is a Christian forum and the agenda of the forum is Christ - Centered. No other agenda will be accepted. If you feel the need to explain your current belief and this belief is contrary to Christendom then rather Private message a member.
  4. If you are currently a congregant of an NCMI Church and have no intention of leaving then please do not post on this forum. This forum was never created for you, it was created for Ex-NCMI congregants.
  5. No swearing will be tolorated
  6. No one will be banned outright. You will always receive a warning.
  7. Administration hold the right to delete or edit parts of posts if they are found to be offensive or violate the rules of the forum. This can be done without any form of permission and no warning needs to be given.
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